BlastPoint helps companies transform customer engagement by discovering actual humans in their data.

We make it easy for utilities, enterprises, and retail companies to harness the substantial power of customer data, enabling them to convert new customers, fine-tune customer outreach for specific programs and initiatives, identify commercial partners, and much more. We also have a free version of our platform that helps non-profits understand their donors and fulfill their mission.

Our secret sauce: patent-pending AI-powered algorithms and a storyteller’s approach to designing custom personas for specific initiatives. We take data out of its silo and deliver accessible insights that translate easily across the org chart. The end result? Efficient, measurable growth. 



BlastPoint CEO & Co-Founder, Alison Alvarez, provides an overview of the company and highlights current investment opportunities.

Responsive Customer Engagement During a Crisis

These are extraordinary times. Now more than ever, utility companies and enterprises must engage effectively with customers, acting quickly to establish positive touchpoints in a suddenly rocky customer journey. 

Over the last few months, BlastPoint has also acted quickly to help our utility partners understand customer billpay patterns. Billpay behavior personas allow companies to identify customers who are most vulnerable now, who might be newly vulnerable in the coming months, and subtle differences between at-risk segments. Most importantly, armed with this information, our partners can proactively reach out before customers default on payments. 

Below is a sample of customer payment data segmentation we have provided to partners. In this particular initiative, BlastPoint built personas based on customer responses to a sequence of shut-off notices, called the ‘dunning’ process. Based on our findings, we’ve been able to predict how specific customers will respond to dunning notices – and which customers are most at risk of proceeding to collections.


A high-level overview of dunning response personas.
Based on our findings, BlastPoint highlighted crucial distinctions between the behavior of customers who respond to shut-off notices by paying in full and those who do not.
A “pay in full” response persona.

Bring Customer Data to Life with Initiative-Based Segmentation & Personas

When it comes to understanding customer data, we’ve found that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t usually fit anyone very well. Our partners’ customer data reveals significant geographical differences that a generic segmentation approach would miss.

That’s why BlastPoint begins with a company’s initiatives and designs personas based on customer data that’s specific to those initiatives. Our method delivers nuanced actionable insights that have the power to transform initiative outcomes and boost revenue.

BlastPoint creates both residential and commercial personas based on our partners’ needs. Below, you’ll find samples for both types of personas. Click the link beneath each image to see how personas relate to specific initiatives. 

Persona Reports

BlastPoint creates in-depth overviews of each customer persona so companies can easily understand the key indicators that set each persona apart, such as their channel preferences, engagement with the company, and demographic factors.

Our goal is to highlight the “story” each customer segment is telling, enabling non-technical departments to understand and be compelled by their customer data – and get the results they need.

Click the link beneath each persona avatar to see a sample report.

*Note: Persona report content is customizable and reflects the unique “story” of each initiative. 

Data-Driven Personas at Work: Case Studies & Use Cases

See Data-Driven Personas in action and learn about how we’ve helped companies find new customers, expand infrastructure, prevent billing delinquencies, and more.