Results-Driven & Accessible Customer AI

Target the right customers, at the right time, using just the right channels and messaging.

Our technology empowers companies to understand customer data, predict customer behavior, and become customer-focused organizations.


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Our technology is business results-driven, meaning that our partners’ strategic objectives are at the core of the customer intelligence we deliver.

Integrates with Existing Systems

BlastPoint empowers companies to reap the benefits of $13T in predicted AI-driven gains by 2030 without the pain points. We meet your team where you are with minimal IT engagement – no need for new processes.


The BlastPoint Customer Intelligence Platform places AI-powered insights at the fingertips of business users, so companies don’t have to worry about securing in-house AI talent or addressing infrastructure readiness gaps in order to utilize customer AI.


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A.I. Driven Segmentation & Personas

Understand your customers at the household level. Discover behavior patterns, demographics & values so you can meet them where they are with the solutions they need most.

Customer Engagement Optimization

Acquire more customers and keep them for life. Optimize channels for more effective targeting & outreach.

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

Lead your business into the future with solutions for smart EV planning & adoption, energy efficiency products, C&I Lighting, and more.

Market Entry Planning

Assess markets, plan new products, and prioritize locations for business expansion.

Billing & Collections Optimization

Enroll more customers in beneficial programs like paperless billing, assess customer risk, and predict customer payment patterns at the household level.

Custom Solutions

Have a specific goal your team needs to accomplish? Customer intelligence can get you there faster and with less effort. Contact us for a consultation.

Case Studies

Companies are using BlastPoint's customer intelligence to meet their business objectives quickly. BlastPoint has helped our partners achieve up to 650% higher engagement with digital campaigns, an over 60% boost in newly identified potential customers for acquisition, a 47% payment-in-full response from delinquent customers, and much more. Explore our case studies to learn how we can help your team do the same.

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