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Running a Modern Utility Analytics Organization

Utility companies nationwide are adapting to a changing landscape by shifting to a data and analytics-focused framework. Decisions, including setting up analytics practices and addressing challenges in descriptive analytics and data governance, play a key role in this evolution. The process includes moving towards predictive modeling and strategically incorporating advanced techniques like prescriptive analytics and cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI.

Join BlastPoint alongside data and analytics leaders from Southern California Edison and NiSource for a fireside chat discussing their transformation of how to successfully Run a Modern Utility Analytics Organization HERE.

Utilizing Machine Learning for Outage Prediction

By harnessing the power of data science and machine learning, BlastPoint is helping DTE revolutionize outage estimations and communication practices. Taking only a few short months, BlastPoint’s model has improved DTE’s model accuracy rate by 8 hours!

Hear BlastPoint’s CTO and Co-founder, Tomer Borenstein, with Jackie Robinson, Director of Customer Experience at DTE Energy, as they discuss the impact outages have had on DTE’s customers and how AI and machine learning models are helping shape their outage communication strategies HERE.

How To Build a Data Analytics Practice

BlastPoint’s team sat with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s Director of Enterprise Analytics and Innovation expert, Eugene Hamrick, to discuss how this Virginia utility built an impactful data analytics practice.

Increase Customer Awareness of Dynamic Pricing

Learn how Fayetteville PWC achieved 100% customer enrollment in dynamic pricing in this interview with Mark Brown, Chief Customer Officer.

How to Use External Consumer Insights and Marketing Data to Build a Customer-Centric Business

An AWS Data Exchange webinar featuring BlastPoint CTO & Co-Founder Tomer Borenstein and AEP Senior Marketing Leader Kellie Rhodebeck, along with Acxiom and AWS representatives.

Borenstein and Rhodebeck discussed how BlastPoint helped the AEP CX Team drive engagement with their new digital assistant. To watch a recording of the webinar, click here.

How to Use Customer Intelligence to Boost Low-Income Program Engagement

A Low-Income Energy Issues Forum hosted by DeFG featuring BlastPoint CTO & Co-Founder, Tomer Borenstein, and Katherine Scholl, Director of Billing & Revenue Management, Duquesne Light Co.

Borenstein and Scholl joined DeFG’s Nat Treadway to discuss how DLC operationalized customer intelligence from BlastPoint to effectively engage lower-income customers in content about energy assistance. Click here to learn more about DeFG and here to visit DLC’s website.

We utilized the data from BlastPoint to formulate the plan for our advertising dollars...As we are starting to reach out to customers in ways that we never did before, we are able to do so with messages that are relevant to them, as opposed to the “spray and pray” approach where you just send everything to everybody and see what sticks. We are really now able to use the data and the insights to make the messages feel relevant to our customers. And we are seeing good results with that, where engagement, as we measure it by open rates on emails and click throughs, it’s very very strong for these campaigns.

Katherine Scholl

How to Segment Customer Communications to Increase Revenue and Satisfaction

A Questline Plugged In Webinar featuring BlastPoint CEO & Co-Founder, Alison Alvarez

Alvarez joined Questline’s Brian Lindamood on May 20, 2021 to talk about how utilities can use A.I. to segment customer data. Customer segmentation based on specific business objectives enables companies to engage with customers more effectively, surpass benchmarks, and boost revenue. To find out more about Questline, visit their website.

How Customer Intelligence Boosts Revenue & Engagement During a Crisis

A Chartwell Innovation Series webinar featuring BlastPoint CEO & Co-founder, Alison Alvarez

Alvarez talked with Chartwell, Inc.‘s Scott Johnson on December 3, 2020 about how utilities can achieve big wins by using customer intelligence solutions. Through data maturity and predictive customer personas, companies can target the right customers, at the right time, in just the right way to see major results, even during an economic crisis.

Smart Energy & Low-Income Consumers: No One Left Behind

BlastPoint CTO & Co-founder Tomer Borenstein and Duquesne Light Company’s Director of Customer Experience, Katherine Scholl, presented at the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative 2020 Virtual Members Meeting & Fall Workshop

As part of this October 22, 2020 SECC panel, Borenstein and Scholl shared how customer intelligence – specifically, predictive personas and the targeted outreach they enable – ensures that no customers are left behind during a crisis. They were joined on the panel by Rachel Olsen of TransUnion and Darren Rayburn of Exceleron.

When we’re unable to send that termination notice, breaking through with that message of energy assistance is challenging…We’re working with BlastPoint to better understand how to communicate with these customers about our various energy assistance programs and how we can customize our collections strategies accordingly.

Katherine Scholl

Engaging Lower-Income Consumers in Energy

A Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative Spring Work-From-Home Series Webinar featuring Tomer Borenstein from BlastPoint, Angie Ostaszewski from Ameren, and Nathan Shannon from the SECC

On May 14, 2020, BlastPoint CTO & Co-Founder Tomer Borenstein discussed how electricity providers can identify and assist their most vulnerable customers, while Angie Ostaszewski from Ameren discussed energy efficiency programs targeting underserved communities. To find out more about the SECC, visit their website.

Negative touchpoints, such as missed payment reminders and accrued late fees, can cascade into customers not picking up their phones.

Tomer Borenstein

Helping Consumers Navigate EV Charging

A Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative Peer Connect Webinar featuring Alison Alvarez, CEO & Co-Founder of BlastPoint, Nathan Shannon of the SECC, Karl Popham of Austin Energy, and Lang Reynolds of Duke Energy

On November 21, 2019, BlastPoint CEO & Co-Founder Alison Alvarez shared key findings from her research on EV charging infrastructure in the US & Canada. She was joined by the SECC’s Nathan Shannon, as well as EV infrastructure experts from Austin Energy and Duke Energy. To find out more about the SECC, visit their website!

Having this EV charging, especially this commercial EV charging that’s out in the world, is like free money if you’re driving an EV.

Alison Alvarez

How Will Data Shape the Future of Energy? A Webinar with William Sapon of Peoples Natural Gas

On Sept. 26, 2019, we talked with William Sapon, Clean Energy & Transportation Advisor at Peoples Natural Gas, about the role data plays in the future of energy. Visit to read more about William and the Peoples NGV fleet. To find out more about AV charging locations, read our blog post about charging deserts.

I think it is a myth that we don’t have enough infrastructure to support alternative fuel vehicles…But there’s definitely more that we can do.

William Sapon

Territory Allocation for Optimal Results and Performance: A Webinar with Dr. Ben Litalien

On May 23, 2019, Dr. Ben Litalien, a well-known franchise consultant, shared his perspective on geospatial data and territory allocation. To read more about Ben, check out To read more advice about how to maximize data for your franchise, visit our blog.

When you think about territory allocation, keep in mind there’s no one size fits all.

Dr. Ben Litalien
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