Predict which customers are the best fit.

Drive energy efficiency by prioritizing best-fit customers for EE technologies at the household level, create predictive EE customer segments, and increase engagement with hard-to-reach groups, such as low-income customers.

Understand & apply customer motivations.

Tap into and integrate with high-quality external customer data for a more complete understanding of customer needs. Create personalized customer experiences at scale with messaging that meets customers where they are. Drive engagement for customer programs to meet revenue goals & regulatory requirements.

Motivate customers to act.

Make the most effective use of marketing resources with AI-assisted media buys. Stay up-to-date with customer intelligence that changes with customers. Easily integrate with your existing tech stack and third-party partners.

Achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Meet targeted enrollment benchmarks while keeping revenue flowing. Demonstrate leadership & innovation, achieving sustainability goals faster. Build customer satisfaction by helping people stay current on bills, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Engage difficult-to-reach customers in energy efficiency

Discover how lower-income customers can help meet your energy efficiency benchmarks – AND save you money.

New research from BlastPoint shows that a segment of lower-income customers–those who earn below 150% of the federal poverty line–are often the most willing adopters of utilities’ energy efficiency programs.

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