Predict which customers are the best fit.

Drive energy efficiency by prioritizing best-fit customers for EE technologies at the household level, create predictive EE customer segments, and increase engagement with hard-to-reach groups, such as low-income customers.

Understand & apply customer motivations.

Tap into and integrate with high-quality external customer data for a more complete understanding of customer needs. Create personalized customer experiences at scale with messaging that meets customers where they are. Drive engagement for customer programs to meet revenue goals & regulatory requirements.

Motivate customers to act.

Make the most effective use of marketing resources with AI-assisted media buys. Stay up-to-date with customer intelligence that changes with customers. Easily integrate with your existing tech stack and third-party partners.

Achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Meet targeted enrollment benchmarks while keeping revenue flowing. Demonstrate leadership & innovation, achieving sustainability goals faster. Build customer satisfaction by helping people stay current on bills, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

2022 Sustainability Benchmarks Report: Boost Customer Awareness & Increase CSAT Scores

Benchmarks report cover

Find out which US utilities are getting customers engaged with sustainability programs most effectively.

BlastPoint’s Sustainability Benchmarks Report shows utility professionals how they compare to the rest of the industry in terms of sustainability-related factors and ranks the “top players” in each category.

We’ve also included customer intelligence case studies so utilities have the tools they need to increase customer awareness of sustainability and boost CSAT scores.