BlastPoint makes it simple for business teams to turn customer data into results-driven customer AI.

Our AI-powered technology and easy-to-use, intuitive platform helps you target the right customers with the right information, at the right time, using just the right channels.

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How It Works

Get actionable, secure customer AI in four simple steps.

Define objectives and securely share data.

BlastPoint begins every partnership by defining objectives. Whatever a company’s goal may be, we work with teams to identify and securely share internal data, clean it as needed, and enrich it with relevant external datasets that directly support their objectives.
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Objective-driven, AI-enabled data analysis.

Our proprietary system makes hidden data patterns visible, generating propensity models that indicate the likelihood of customers taking specific actions. Customers with the highest propensity are the right ones to target in order to achieve objectives.

Access customer intelligence through our platform.

We make insights from data analysis easy to access and understand through our Customer Intelligence Platform.
Within one app, business users can visually explore data, create and compare customer segments, locate data hotspots on the map, view data at the rooftop level, and much more.

Activate insights to achieve data-driven results.

With AI-powered insights at the ready, business users can identify the right customers to target at the right time through the right channels to achieve objectives. Our partners have increased digital engagement by
up to 1000%, saved $1.3M, boosted program participation by more than 50%, and more within just a few months of activating insights.

We do the dirty work so you can focus on getting results.

Your internal data doesn’t need to be in pristine condition to be useful. We’ve developed processes and technology to accelerate your industry’s data onboarding needs. That includes cleaning up any ‘messy’ data. With AI, we make data onboarding easy. 


Our Platform

The BlastPoint Customer Intelligence Platform makes AI-driven insights accessible to business teams.


Access all of your customer intelligence in one place.

Tired of waiting on other departments to share the data you need? BlastPoint removes barriers to data access, placing data-driven insights at your fingertips within one easy-to-use platform. Everyone on your team has access to all relevant customer data when they need it, so you can meet goals faster.

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Create AI-powered segments to reach the right customers, at the right time, through the right channels.

With BlastPoint, it’s simple to target customers with personalized outreach – for every single campaign. Filter and sort customers based on any dataset in the system – including propensity (likelihood of taking the desired action), demographics, location, behavior, and channel preference. Create as many segments as you need to make every campaign a success.


Create a Segment

Create a Segment interface enables users to filter and score customer records based on any
available data attributes.

Explore your data visually to understand and target customers.

Get a glimpse into customer characteristics and motivations without even leaving your desk. Dig deeper and compare segments with automated data visualizations that adapt as your data changes. Customize explorations to visualize data attributes relevant to any objective.

Ring charts visually compare the Owner/Renter attribute for two segments.

Histograms demonstrate the distribution of heavy Facebook usage for three segments.

BlastPoint Platform map view

Custom heatmaps and point datasets visualize “green” EV customers and charging station locations on the map.

Understand customer behavior at the rooftop level.

Shine a spotlight on every customer record in order to provide personalized customer service. Profile View shows how each customer compares to the average, so you can understand individual customer journeys and intervene meaningfully.


The Profile View interface provides a snapshot of every customer’s unique data attributes and scores.

Integrate customer intelligence easily & securely with third-party apps.

BlastPoint supports last-mile delivery of data insights. Export data attributes directly from the Customer Intelligence Platform to customer outreach vendors and apps. Users have complete control over which attributes get shared and which stay private.


The Table View interface allows users to interact with data in spreadsheet format, as well as to download a CSV for easy integration.

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Information Security & Privacy

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. BlastPoint prioritizes the security of customer data, and we work with companies on an individual basis to ensure regulations regarding the protection of customer information are being met. 


The BlastPoint platform uses industry-standard encryption algorithms and network protocols to protect sensitive data.


Our proven protocols have been externally audited to ensure sensitive information is secure. We work directly with IT teams to guarantee each organization’s satisfaction.

Customizable Options

Personally-identifiable information (PII) fields in the BlastPoint platform can be restricted to a subset of privileged users, providing multi-level security clearances within one organization.

We take information security & privacy seriously.

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