Data Scientist

We’re looking for a thoughtful, curious, and resourceful Data Scientist to join our growing team. You’re comfortable presenting insights to clients and thrive in situations where you have to learn about and solve a client’s specific problems. This role is the technical face that accompanies our clients’ experience working with us, meaning that you will be the person leading them to solutions by presenting project results, interacting with clients in a consultative manner, and supporting overall customer success. This position is based in Pittsburgh, PA, but will be fully remote at least while the pandemic remains, and possibly longer.

Core duties include:

  • Architect, develop and deploy models and algorithms using customer, open source, and proprietary data; assess model quality, and validate and iterate on those models
  • Own the process of integrating customer data, analyzing it using our methodology and your data instincts, and make it deliver value to the customer
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of public and private data sources, choose the right ones for our platform, and make them ready to sing harmony to a customer dataset’s melody
  • Help design and automate our customer dataset analysis and insights delivery process, to smoothly handle a wider variety and higher velocity of data
  • Act as the technical bridge between the customer and the product, making our tools useful, relaying product feedback, and customizing to a client’s needs where necessary
  • Leaning on your EQ and leadership skills, you will work with our clients in a consultative capacity, learning about their particular needs and being their advocate both internally and externally. That means participating in client meetings, leading technical discussions, presenting project results, interacting with clients in a consultative manner, and other technical customer-facing engagement, as needed.

We expect the balance of your work day-to-day to be 60-70% client project-centric work, 20-30% software engineering to improve our data analytics tooling, and ~10% account management or support needs. The hope is that feedback from your client experiences can directly make our systems more efficient, and eventually more self-serve, reducing the need for clients to have consultative project teams at all.

Professional Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in data science; strong preference for additional experience in software, R&D, consulting or adjacent fields
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in computer science, mathematics, statistics, economics, or similar
  • Understanding of cluster-analysis techniques including K-means, DBSCAN, etc
  • Excellent communication skills; comfortable with and effective at delivering presentations
  • Very comfortable with Python and common accompanying tools including Pandas
  • Deep understanding of statistics
  • Comfort with relational database systems and SQL
  • Authorized to work in the United States

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • A passion for discovering the secrets and solutions hidden in large datasets
  • Highly attentive to detail, with a skeptical sixth sense about signal-vs-noise
  • Ability to self-motivate, self-organize and work independently in a challenging, fast-paced environment with several ongoing concurrent projects
  • A willingness and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a small team; excellent internal communication skills
  • A can-do mentality, with the willingness to roll up your sleeves and take initiative to solve something when necessary
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of machine learning and statistical analysis techniques, their advantages and drawbacks, and areas of best applicability
  • Curious and eager problem solver, able to self-teach new skills when needed, with a hunger for building well-designed, high-quality solutions
  • Recognition that there are always multiple answers to a problem and the ability to engage in a constructive dialogue to find the best path forward
  • Some experience with ETL processes and Data Prep tools is helpful
  • Experience in or exposure to the constraints of a startup environment is helpful
  • Ability to commute to the Pittsburgh, PA office daily (once current pandemic constraints are lifted); note that this is a preference, but we are open to permanent-remote candidates within the US

Email us your cover letter and resume to apply: