2023 EV Adoption Outlook ReportBlastPoint’s 2023 EV ADOPTION OUTLOOK

Understanding EV Demand Patterns in the US

BlastPoint’s EV demand models show where, across the country, consumers are on the leading edge of EV adoption – and also where intervention is needed for equity.


Accelerate EV Adoption

Industry analysts expect global electric vehicle ownership to grow by as much as 70 percent in the coming year. Businesses at the forefront of innovation want to reap the benefits of this mobility revolution. That means laying the groundwork now, preparing consumers and communities to adopt seamlessly when the time is right.

Whether you’re targeting residential or commercial customers, data-driven A.I. tools like propensity modeling and persona segmentation give businesses like yours the power to understand–and accelerate–the pace of EV adoption. Here’s how.

Predict and Locate Demand

Capture customers along the EV adoption curve. Determine regional demand trends to uncover opportunities. Pinpoint areas lacking infrastructure access to promote equity. Download our 2022 EV Adoption Outlook to learn more.

Target the Right Customers

Understand which customers are ready to go electric–and why. Engage them using effective messaging, and offer relevant solutions that meet their needs.

Optimize Charging Locations

Establish strategic partnerships with key EV industry players. Increase charging access, reduce fragmentation and fill gaps in charging infrastructure to facilitate demand. Reap the benefits of infrastructure expansion.

Build Partnerships for EV Adoption & Infrastructure Growth

Strategic partnerships are crucial when it comes to EV infrastructure growth. Predictive A.I. shows you where to find the right partners and how to become an essential player in the EV Ecosphere. Using data-backed analytics solutions, you’ll know where to build infrastructure so that, together, you and other leading-edge industry players support consumer EV adoption and create equitable access to electrified transit.


Commercial Partner Targeting

Know who to contact about installing adequate EV charging infrastructure onsite. Understand which retail businesses, overnight accommodations, government entities and other organizations are ripe for a partnership that will support EV growth and spur adoption. Learn more about Commercial Business Personas for B2Bs.

Public & Private Fleet Electrification

Anticipate which fleet operators will switch to EV. Determine where, and with whom, to build charging infrastructure onsite. Establish partnerships that support businesses, government, and other organizations’ long-term fleet transition. Read the report: US Federal Fleet Electrification: Opportunities & Challenges