The BlastPoint platform helps credit unions understand, retain, nurture, and grow their member base.

Improve retention

Improve Member Retention

Retain members for life with the help of 360-degree profiles that uncover member priorities, motivations, and values. Provide ease of service and meet members’ current needs with relevant, timely products and services.

Deeper understanding of customer base

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Member Base

Understand who and where your members are. Keep up with their changing needs as they progress on the customer journey. Offer the right products at the right time, growing accounts while becoming a trusted part of their financial lives.

Engage difficult to reach members

Engage Difficult-to-Reach Members

Identify preferred communication channels and messaging for difficult-to-reach members. Increase engagement and drive product & program adoption.

Become members' primary financial institution

Become Members’ Primary Financial Institution

Understand every member’s present and future needs in order to offer them the right products and motivate them to make you their primary financial institution. Generate more member activity, such as deposits and loans.

Maximize portfolios

Maximize Members’ Portfolios

Capture more value from members as their assets grow by providing a consistent personalized experience that connects emotionally across multiple channels.

Increase member acquisition

Increase Member Acquisition

Acquire more members by utilizing branding that resonates, emphasizing shared values and striking just the right tone. Use our AI-powered platform to identify top channels for maximum impact.

Superpower your underwriting

Superpower Your Underwriting

Quickly and easily access risk so you can offer members loans that meet their needs and match your community values.

Strenghten benchmarking

Strengthen Benchmarking

Easily establish benchmarks, track KPIs, and drive optimization. Utilize the BlastPoint platform to report on progress and inform decision-making.

New to Customer Intelligence? We’ll show you how to get started.

BlastPoint can work with credit union data as-is to help you understand your member base, make data-driven insights accessible, and drive ROI. Check out our resources for taking the first steps toward customer intelligence.

ROI of Customer Intelligence

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Don't let data shame hold you back

BlastPoint helps organizations centralize their data, make it more accessible, and ensure they have the right data to solve specific business problems. Tomer Borenstein, BlastPoint’s Co-Founder and CTO, discusses how “data shame” can hold companies back, and how it can be both mitigated and overcome to get you on the path to operationalizing customer intelligence.

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one easy trick to validate your customer data

BlastPoint’s CEO & Co-Founder, Alison Alvarez, talks about the importance of customer data validation. Alvarez, who has over a decade of experience working with customer data in multiple sectors, discusses why validating cell phone numbers should be a priority and how bad data can predict bad results.

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