Billing & Collections Solutions

Risk Assessment

Plan for crises by predicting customer risk. Identify customers in Green, Yellow, and Red Customer Balance Risk Zones. Discover how best to engage with customers to mitigate risk and recover lost revenue quickly.

Customer Assistance Program Enrollment

Proactively avoid revenue loss from unpaid balances. Educate customers about assistance options and reduce enrollment pain points. Identify preferred channels for enrollment and renewal to ensure at-risk customers get help when they need it.

Paperless Billing Adoption

Customers enroll in paperless billing & communications for different reasons. Understand their motivations and target best fits through their preferred channels with the right messaging. Surpass enrollment benchmarks and boost customer satisfaction. Learn more.

Household-Level BillPay Prediction

Predict each customer household’s billing trends. Identify customers diverging from their individualized predictive model and keep them on track with timely, proactive outreach. Learn more about what your company can achieve with billpay prediction.

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