EV Planning & Adoption

Target and engage the right residential & commercial customers to spur EV growth. Locate emerging neighborhoods ripe for EV adoption. Foster the fleet transition. Partner with key stakeholders to solve infrastructure shortfalls. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency

Uncover households and businesses eager for energy-saving programs and products. Learn how to communicate EE services effectively for every customer in your territory. Target hard-to-reach customer groups to achieve regulatory benchmarks. Learn more.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Determine ideal targets for upgrades to commercial LED lighting systems. Drive sales & services through strategic partnerships. Facilitate renovation projects among key stakeholders. Learn more.

Demand Response

Stabilize the grid and reduce energy consumption during peak hours by enrolling the right customers in Demand Response programs. Avoid service disruptions, reduce costs, and keep customers satisfied.

Beneficial Electrification

Understand which customers are ready to go electric and why. Use effective messaging to offer the right solutions that meet their needs.

Alternative Energy

Expand solar and wind infrastructure by targeting residential and commercial customers most likely to install. Meet benchmarks for enrollment and boost revenue.

Download the 2022 Sustainability Benchmarks Report

Benchmarks report cover

Find out which US utilities are getting customers engaged with sustainability programs most effectively.

BlastPoint’s Sustainability Benchmarks Report shows utility professionals how they compare to the rest of the industry in terms of sustainability-related factors and ranks the “top players” in each category. The ranked categories included in the report are Reliability, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response, Dynamic Pricing, Energy Efficiency, and Renewables (solar and wind).