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A.I.-Driven Segmentation & Personas

Learn how BlastPoint’s data-rich, predictive customer segmentation helps business teams understand customer motivations and meet objectives.

Customer Engagement Optimization

Acquire more customers and keep them for life by meeting them where they are. Optimize channels for more effective targeting & outreach. 

Sustainability Solutions

Help your company and the planet thrive with customer intelligence solutions for smart EV planning & adoption, energy efficiency products, C&I Lighting, and more.


Billing & Collections Optimization

Meet and surpass benchmarks by enrolling more customers in programs, assessing customer risk, and predicting customer payment patterns at the household level.

Market Entry Planning

Launch a new product, service, or program fueled by customer intelligence. Segment markets, estimate SOM and prioritize locations for business expansion.

Custom Solutions

We work with companies to create custom intelligence based on specific business objectives. Get in touch to request a consultation.

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BlastPoint is a one-stop platform for enterprise-level customer engagement solutions. With precision focus, understand the people you serve to personalize the customer journey, reaching customers at just the right time, in just the right way. Zoom in on untapped markets so your sales and marketing teams can uncover missed opportunities in previously hidden customer segments. Optimize billing & collections strategies and processes to maximize revenue.


Customer intelligence is essential in today’s energy landscape. BlastPoint helps energy providers build targeted, revenue-generating engagement strategies based on data-driven insights. With our out-of-the-box intelligence solutions for utilities in hand, companies drive sustainability, reduce the number of customers who default on their payments, and meet regulatory benchmarks.

Credit unions

Credit Unions

BlastPoint makes customer intelligence accessible to credit unions without a big initial investment. Through the BlastPoint platform, credit unions get the insights they need to understand, retain, nurture, and grow their member base. Business users are able to segment members according to high-priority objectives, so they can strengthen branding, grow members’ portfolios, and become members’ primary financial institutions.


Launch new products and choose the best new store location. Anticipate customer behavior. Locate qualified talent. Design targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Make informed business decisions quickly to increase revenue and reduce costs with BlastPoint’s data-driven, up-to-the-minute insights.

Change Makers

Nonprofit organizations need data to measure impact. Using BlastPoint, our social service partners are presenting clear metrics to potential funders to get more grants, discovering where and when their services could be used more effectively, revealing new donor resources, and building strategies that drive their missions forward.

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