Ensure the success of every initiative.

Grow your customer base. Boost program enrollment. Kickstart innovation. Discover new partners. Keep customers for life. These are just a few of the goals your company can accomplish with BlastPoint’s predictive, data-driven personas & segmentation.

At BlastPoint, we know from experience that the most useful data analysis has stories to tell about real people – also known as your customers. And when you listen to these stories, you serve your customers better. Which leads to more revenue, more growth, and more success for your company.

Customized, Data-Driven Customer Stories

Our approach to personas & segmentation is different because we highlight the stories your data is telling. You’ve probably heard of one-size-fits-all segments that are generalized representations of customer sub-groups. Other data companies superimpose these generic segments onto your customer data, showing who fits best into those buckets.

The problem is, not all customers are alike, and your specific customers may not fit into these generic segments. In fact, applying pre-packaged segments to your own data may mean your initiative misses the mark – and falls short of your goals.

Sample persona snapshot. Not based on actual customer data.

BlastPoint has found a more accurate approach that leads to better results. Our data scientists place your goals and your customers at the forefront of data analysis. The personas we create are customized segments of your internal data that we augment with external demographic and behavioral data.

Powered by A.I., our patent-pending algorithms shape data into personas that predict exactly who you should target and how to reach them.

Predictive Data for Fail-Safe Strategy Building

With data-driven, predictive personas & segmentation, your team will create more effective outreach campaigns that yield higher engagement rates – leading to bigger wins for your company. 

BlastPoint creates personas & segmentation on a broad-to-specific continuum based on your objectives.

Whether your approach is broad or narrow, BlastPoint hones in on the stories your data is telling about your customers. Meet and surpass your current goals and pave the way for future success with BlastPoint personas & segmentation.

How Personas Work

Other data companies create segments based on their data. At BlastPoint, we create personas with your data, keeping your customers’ privacy and security a top priority at all times, and we augment it with customized datasets that fit your initiative. And we do it all in 6-8 weeks, on average, so you don’t have long to wait for results.

Here’s a snapshot of how the process works.


Establish your goals.

Unlock the power of data.

Meet your personas.

Supercharge your initiatives.

Win big!

Refresh and repeat.

Establish your goals.

Your company’s goals come first, so our first step in building custom personas is understanding what your team needs to accomplish. Whether you want to increase program adoption, identify new customers, or reduce shutoffs, we consult with you to ensure that the personas we deliver will get your initiative over the finish line. Some things we’ll discuss:

  • Your internal timelines,
  • Specific benchmarks you want to surpass,
  • Challenges you’ve already encountered,
  • Parameters such as regulations, internal protocols, and data privacy permissions,
  • The scope & infrastructure of your internal data,
  • And more.

At BlastPoint, we are committed to partnering with departments across your org chart, including marketing, customer care, call centers, and your in-house data team to create personas that are accessible and operational for everyone.

Unlock the power of data.

Internal data is a powerful tool, but you have to understand the story it’s telling to be able to operationalize it – while ensuring data privacy and security. That’s where our A.I.-powered algorithms come in. 

Smart Data Enhancement

You share your data with us, and we work with you to “clean” it and source external data that enriches what you already have. Through our preferred vendors, we have access to thousands of datasets that will give you crucial information about your current and potential customers, including but certainly not limited to:

Household-level demographic information, such as age, income, housing, ethnicity, household size, education, and careers.

Behavioral & psychographic data, including an individual’s purchasing and decision-making preferences, as well as hobbies, political donations, travel habits, pet ownership, and much more.

Media consumption and channel preferences for outreach and advertising, including social media, internet, television, newspapers, and outdoor messaging.

Data Security

Our meticulous attention to data privacy and security sets us apart. We offer custom solutions for security needs at every level, and we make it easy to comply with regulatory standards. In addition, we will work with you to support data reporting requirements. Challenge us!

Critical Behavioral Patterns

We utilize our patent-pending approach to predictive analytics, finding commonalities and differences between individual data points and creating customer groups based on shared behavioral patterns. The groups with the highest likelihood of fulfilling your internal goals (like signing up for E-Billing, paying overdue bills in full, or adopting new technology) become your target personas.

Meet your personas.

Voila! Just like that, we’ve transformed endless spreadsheets into living, breathing people you can relate to and understand. You’re now ready to discover the humans in your data, which is the first step toward delighting your customers.

BlastPoint provides the tools you need for getting to know and engaging with your personas. 

Interactive Platform

The interactive BlastPoint platform enables you to dive deeper, viewing personas on the map and creating custom filters, territories, and CSVs for hassle-free outreach. Users across your org chart have easy access to just the right information they need to achieve their goals quickly.

Custom Reports

Custom reports provide a high-level overview of each persona’s most significant characteristics, so you can hit the ground running with targeted outreach campaigns.


User Training & Support

One-on-one user training and ongoing user support set your team up for success. In-app help is available when you need it.

Data Refreshes

Regular data refreshes ensure your personas stay up-to-date for ongoing success.

Supercharge your initiatives.

Once you’ve gotten to know your personas, prepare to accomplish your business goals in record time. Through our platform, personas easily integrate into operations across your organization – and ensure every team is on the same page, working together to increase revenue. Here are just a few ways that our partners mobilize BlastPoint personas:


Marketing teams identify which customers are more likely to respond to emails, texts, or letters, then design a campaign that targets personas with the highest likelihood of enrollment in a program through their preferred channels.



Sales teams identify, divide up and target leads in the most promising geographic territories for the company’s new product. They save time and avoid wasted effort by skipping territories with lower persona saturation.

Customer Service

Customer service teams conduct proactive outreach to customers whose overdue balances are accumulating, but who also have a high likelihood of paying in full when contacted. A large percentage of these customers follow up by paying off their balances, preventing lost revenue.

Product Ops

Product development teams predict ROI for launching a new product by understanding how many existing customers are likely to adopt, what their priorities are, and how best to convert them.


Strategy teams create a crisis management plan by quantifying risk and predicting customer response to specific scenarios. If those scenarios occur, the company immediately knows which customers to contact first and how to effectively reach them for quick results.

And that’s not all! BlastPoint personas can be customized to essentially any business objective. Anything your team can imagine, we can create personas for. Get in touch and share your ideas for putting your data into action!

Win big!

Because personas help you get to know your customers’ preferences and needs better, they shine a spotlight on the customer journey, showing you exactly when and how to engage with each customer. And when customers feel understood, they engage by signing up for your programs, buying new products, and paying delinquent bills, so you can meet – and surpass – your goals.

Our partners have seen big engagement and revenue boosts in less than 3 months as a result of BlastPoint personas. Here are just a few examples:

More Payments in Full

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Boost in CAP Sign-Ups

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Increased Program Adoption

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Refresh and repeat.

As your customers change, so do your personas. We bake regular data refreshes into every plan, which means personas will always be up-to-date and ready for your next move.

Find out what stories your data is telling. Drop us a line to get started.

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