Immediate results. Actionable insights. Better ROI.

Do you really know who your customers are? Do you treat them as unique individuals? If not, you’re missing ripe opportunities to create lifelong customer engagement. In today’s customer-centric market, that means you could be losing money or wasting time building strategies that go nowhere.

BlastPoint’s persona-driven insights let you discover the real humans in your data and understand their behaviors and needs, giving you the power to communicate with them in the most loyalty-generating ways. 

BlastPoint is one seamless platform you can incorporate and start applying to your business quickly – in under three months. Built to be used by anyone on your team (not just data scientists), our A.I.-powered software generates actionable answers to specific business challenges in real-time. 

Companies use BlastPoint’s initiative-based personas to identify key market segments they had previously overlooked. They’re better equipped to design sure-fire outreach campaigns that reach people through the most relevant channels, and they have the power to deliver precision-targeted messaging that boosts sales. With BlastPoint, our customers have tripled ROI in under three months

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Data with a human touch.

BlastPoint’s developers work closely with IT, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing teams to untangle messy internal data and organize it so that it reveals actionable insights they can start using almost immediately for better customer engagement. We then enhance that data by applying external data resources that place companies ahead of the competition.

We know that your company is unique, and we understand that you’re working hard to solve specific business problems in your region and industry. That’s why we keep you, the end-user, in mind at all times. We check ourselves constantly as our product evolves to ensure that you receive an out-of-the-box solution that is easy to implement, intuitive to use, and delivers results quickly.

Your personal data concierge.

We know that data is overwhelming and opaque, so we offer a special Data Concierge service to help you and your team understand what data is available out there, how much it costs, and how it can be used.

If we don’t have the data you need within our partnership network, we will help you find it. If what you need is a free public resource, we will almost always add it to our catalog for free.

Data insights for the rest of us.

Our systems are patent pending and built on decades of experience creating solutions across multiple sectors.

Our expertise in user experience, natural language processing and machine learning means that we can offer seamless products that are less about struggling with analytics and more about achieving results.

Control with confidence.

All of our technology is designed to protect our customers’ private data and we take cyber security very seriously.  We offer different hosting solutions to meet the privacy and risk profiles of our customers, from offering private cloud deployments to creating virtual servers so that our customer’s data does not leave their four walls. See our White Paper on protecting information assets in a world with GDPR regulations.

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