Case Studies

Results-driven Customer Intelligence

Our partners’ strategic objectives are at the core of the customer intelligence we deliver.

Teams utilize data-powered insights to surpass business objectives.

  • Collect more on past-due accounts
  • Boost awareness of and enrollment in customer programs
  • Grow engagement with new technologies
  • Find new commercial and residential customers
    and more…

Enroll More Customers in Energy Efficiency Programs

An electric utility serving western Pennsylvania used BlastPoint’s Customer Intelligence Platform to amplify customer awareness of energy efficiency programs.

BlastPoint’s targeted segmentation tools enabled our partner to tailor its outreach and communication campaigns to reach customers with the right Energy Efficiency information and messaging – garnering campaign performance rates exceeding industry benchmarks by over 300%.


Boost Enrollment in EV Programs

A large, Mid-Atlantic, investor-owned electric utility is growing their residential EV programs and wanted to drive awareness of and enrollment in EV Rebate and Variable Rate offers. Additionally, they wanted to get more engagement with their web-based EV purchasing tool. They utilized BlastPoint’s data-driven customer insights to understand which customers are most likely to own or be interested in owning EVs. They then targeted those customers with messaging that resonated, and immediately saw engagement and enrollment numbers soar.

After a single campaign targeting the right customers at the right time, the company increased enrollment in its EV rebate program by 55% and EV variable rate program by 98% while additionally experiencing a 500% increase in webpage traffic.


Drive Customer Engagement with New Technologies

AEP’s goal was to make common customer service inquiries easier and faster by creating a digital solution to decrease call volume. To launch the digital assistant successfully, AEP utilized BlastPoint’s customer intelligence platform to segment customers based on their engagement with payment assistance programs and other relevant behavioral data.

As a result, the CX team knew who to target, how to target them, and which areas in their territory had the highest saturation. Social media campaigns surpassed customer services CTR benchmarks by 30% and converted thousands of customers.


Increase Engagement with Assistance Program Campaigns

DLC, an electric utility serving western Pennsylvania, needed to mitigate rising customer debt levels during the Covid-19 crisis and its immediate aftermath. BlastPoint’s objective-based customer intelligence helped DLC quickly target the customers most likely to need assistance programs and determine the highest-impact way to engage them.

As a result, email engagement increased 9 percentage points above industry benchmarks and web page views more than doubled – surpassing industry benchmarks over 300%.


Expand EV Charging Infrastructure with Commercial Partners

ATCO wanted to get ahead of the EV adoption curve in their region by targeting commercial customers most likely to become partners in EV charging infrastructure expansion. With a large territory and a small Customer Engagement team, ATCO wanted a tool to find the best commercial targets for EV charger installation. BlastPoint’s technology created commercial personas representing ATCO’s most likely EV infrastructure partners & adopters.

In total, BlastPoint found 220K potential partners at the rooftop level for targeted outreach.


Identify New Commercial & Residential Customers

Peoples Natural Gas Co. needed to expand their territory or convert users of other heating sources like wood fire, electric and propane into natural gas consumers in order to stay competitive. By utilizing BlastPoint’s scoring algorithms and behavioral insight tools, they were able to locate and reach potential customers who were most likely to convert, while discovering untapped portions of their territory where new pipelines could be laid for future expansion.

As a result, PNG identified revenue growth by unveiling over 60% more potential commercial and residential customers in their territory.


Receive More Full Payments from Past Due Accounts

A large, Mid-Atlantic gas company used BlastPoint’s Customer Balance Risk Zones during COVID-19 to discover, target and engage 4K Payment Plan customers who had historically paid on time but, during the pandemic, fell behind on their payments. BlastPoint’s algorithms helped the team identify the best channels and messaging for targeted outreach.

As a result, 47% of the customers they reached followed through promptly by paying their balances in full.


Increase Paperless Billing Enrollments

With over 700K customers across three states, the utility spends $.60 per customer for each mailing. To reduce costs and improve customer experience, our partner utilized BlastPoint’s data-driven customer insights to understand what motivates customers to convert to paperless and then targeted customers with the highest propensity of signing up.

As a result, the company increased paperless billing enrollment by 5% and saved $1.3 million in less than 3 months from implementation.


Boost Customer Assistance Program Enrollment

BlastPoint’s partner utilized our billpay personas to target 6,000 customers our algorithms had identified as a good fit for CAP. With these specific households’ contact information and channel preferences in hand, the company decided on email as the best method of outreach. As a first step, their customer support team sent a single email to these customers, informing them about the benefits of CAP and asking them to enroll.

As an immediate result, 20% of the 6,000 customers emailed quickly enrolled and the company decreased overall operating costs while avoiding lost revenue from unpaid bills and write-offs.


Boost Financial Accessibility for Low Income Members with AI-Driven Engagement Strategies

Credit unions and CDFIs, focusing on Low to Moderate Income (LMI) members, leverage advanced data analytics and AI technologies to enhance personalized engagement. This data-driven approach leads to remarkable increase in engagement, dramatically improving outreach and financial inclusion for diverse LMI segments.

This data-driven approach leads to a remarkable 271% increase in engagement, dramatically improving outreach and financial inclusion for diverse LMI segments.