2021: The Year of the EV

Ride the coming EV wave with predictive intelligence solutions.

Our data-driven solutions enable energy companies to streamline EV planning so they can increase residential and commercial adoption, target partnerships for charging infrastructure expansion, and much more.

Get started now! Download our 2021 EV Outlook and federal fleet electrification report for a breakdown of essential EV data and get in touch to take your data-driven strategy to the next level.

Venn diagram: industry solutions, new challenges, experienceA.I. solutions for targeted customer engagement.

The energy landscape is undergoing transformations in almost every facet: from increased customer expectations to new technologies and business models to capitalize on, to new forms of direct and indirect competition.

In this changing landscape, energy providers are focusing on their relationships with customers more than ever before. Revenue growth, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and optimization of processes are all top-of-mind.

Predictive intelligence enables energy companies to reach their goals faster and smarter.

BlastPoint has partnered with companies around the world to build customer intelligence solutions that address the new challenges presented by this shifting ecosystem. Our energy solutions, including A.I.-driven personas and segmentation, are designed for the specific needs and goals of business teams within the energy sector. Explore our ready-made solutions below.

boost electronic billing & digital services enrollment

Paperless Program Adoption

Our models create data-driven personas that illuminate consumer decision-making habits and determine which customers are more likely to convert to paperless programs. By reducing paper billing, utility companies save money – up to millions of dollars – and reach environmental targets faster. Learn more about how paperless personas work and download our case study.

Energy Efficiency Program & Product Adoption

With the power of A.I., you’ll discover which customers are the best fits for energy audits, weatherization, C&I lighting, appliance upgrades, and more. Use BlastPoint to target those customers with the right messaging and through the right channels so you can increase revenues and hit your environmental goals. Download our energy efficiency brochure.

Electric Vehicles Strategy and Adoption

Build a smart infrastructure now to support the future of EVs. Using A.I., we help utility providers identify the best partners for hosting future charging stations, understand which residential & commercial customers are most likely to adopt EV technology next, pinpoint potential fleets that could convert to EV, educate consumers about this new technology, and more. Read more about our EV solutions and download our 2021 EV Outlook.

prevent customer billing defaults

Preemptive Delinquency Prediction

Prevent billing defaults before they happen using our models to find out who, and where, your energy insecure customers are. Reach them through the right channels and ensure they get the help they need. Save money by enrolling more customers in budget billing or energy assistance programs before it’s too late. Identify customers most likely to pay in full.

Customer Assistance Programs

Our research shows that only a fraction of customers who may qualify for Customer Assistance Programs are actually enrolled, leading to late payments and shut-offs. Use our platform to save money, prevent fraud, and help those in need by identifying specific customers in your territory who should be on Customer Assistance Programs but aren’t. Read the Case Study.

Customer Balance Risk Zones

Balance amounts are the most definitive indicator of whether a customer will pay or default. BlastPoint’s A.I. enabled technology identifies which balance amounts are critical for determining your customers’ payment behavior, so you can create proactive, targeted engagement campaigns and prevent lost revenue. Learn more about Customer Balance Risk Zones.

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