Solutions for Retail & Franchise

Geographic data for site location optimization

Territory Design and Management

Using our platform, businesses have the power to design territories for success based on where your customers and competition are located. Determine your business’s optimal territory design and track each simply so you know which are open, sold and developed.

Site Selection

With BlastPoint, you’ll be able to sell more franchises, manage your territory effectively, remotely target customer demographics, understand density and traffic flow in a target area, find qualified talent to support your business, save money by eliminating site reconnaissance travel costs, and most of all, really understand your customers.

Local Marketing

BlastPoint data-driven personas uncover strong leads and unveil untapped opportunities. With the information you gather, you’ll save money by generating cost-effective marketing campaigns that convert browsers to paying customers.

Franchise Sales

Differentiate your franchise from the competition with data-backed insights. BlastPoint’s intelligent, interactive platform gives franchisors the power to sell more stores. Arm yourself on discovery day with hard evidence to prove to prospective franchisees which territories will perform best. Use our real-time data tools to your advantage so you can close more deals and award more units.

data-backed customer analysis

Customer Analysis

How much do you really know about the people you serve? With BlastPoint’s proprietary scoring algorithms, you’ll learn your customers’ pain points, be able to predict their buying habits, and understand where they are in the shopping cycle so you can tailor your messaging. Understand customer response rates to special offers in order to fine-tune sales strategies down the road.

Competitive and Co-Tenant Analysis

Get a clear picture of your competitors’ customers using our interactive platform. BlastPoint helps retail companies identify market gaps so they can pursue untapped opportunities for growth. Track and capture potential new customers based on the unique buying habits of people who visit businesses near, similar to, or complementary to yours.

Specialized Recruiting

Public and private data sets let you identify potential qualified professionals in your target area, learn what type of communication channels appeal to them most, and tailor your marketing campaigns to reach those potential candidates where they’re most likely to respond.

BlastPoint’s Data Concierge

The BlastPoint platform enables you to integrate your company’s customer data with a broad range of data from external sources – and to access it all in a single, easy-to-use interface. Easily unlock more insights by browsing our data catalog and selecting additional data as you need it.

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