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customer identification

Initiative-Based, Data-Driven Customer Segmentation

Generate data-driven insights to more accurately target potential customers by understanding them as individuals instead of as pre-segmented stereotypes. Create personas for specific initiatives, both B2B and B2C, to increase ROI. Find untapped segments to expand your reach. 

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Customer Acquisition

Establish a solid customer base by identifying the most appropriate people and businesses to convert into customers. Find the most effective methods you should use to reach them. 

Customer Engagement

Meet customers right where they are at each touchpoint on the customer journey. Predict how customers will change over time, develop new strategies for achieving customer satisfaction during crises, and reduce churn. Enroll more customers in money-saving programs like paperless billing.

New Product and Service Launch

Identifying customers, their interests, their motivations and their geographical distribution are keys to a successful product/services launch. BlastPoint persona-driven technology informs your product launch strategy from conception to execution, ensuring its effectiveness.

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Employee Recruiting & Retention

Create data-driven employee personas to target the most qualified people for the job and keep them on board.

billing delinquency

Billing Compliance

Decrease billing defaults by understanding who is most likely to default on payments and why; create precision-targeted adoption campaigns; and enroll more customers in paperless billing programs

Location Analytics

Identify the best locations for expansion, maintain current territories, and perform locational due diligence from the comfort of your office.

Risk Mitigation

Strengthen underwriting, understand risk, and avoid loss by recognizing patterns in customer and employee behavior. Discover your Customer Balance Risk Zones. Predict fraud and stop it before it happens, saving time and your company’s reputation.

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