Solutions for Change Makers

find new donors

Data-Backed Grant Proposals

Grant proposals that don’t demonstrate need or measure impact typically end up in the rejection pile. To ensure your organization gets that award, let BlastPoint reveal and organize critical metrics. Using our proprietary algorithms to support your research, you’ll quickly identify where target consumers live and work, illustrate the breadth of the problem you’re trying to solve, show how demographics have changed over time, and more. Click here to learn how one change maker used BlastPoint to locate and reach potential new consumers.

Donor Analysis

How well do you know your donors? Where are your opportunities for expansion? With BlastPoint’s Donor Analysis tools, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where your organization’s funding comes from. Identify key indicators that drive your donors’ decision making, illuminate strengths and weaknesses in your funding strategy, find more sustaining donors just like those who are most loyal to you, and unveil missed opportunities in order to adjust future outreach efforts. Click here to learn how one change maker used BlastPoint to cultivate more donors.

Constituency Analysis

Measure the effectiveness of your programs and better understand the needs of your audience using BlastPoint’s Constituency Analysis tools. Uncover which of your strategies are making a positive impact, and identify needs that aren’t being addressed. Click here to find out how one of change maker used BlastPoint to quantify their social impact in order to appeal for more funding.

Present data-backed storytelling to your board

Data Narratives

Use data to tell your organization’s story. Backed by metrics, you’ll quantify the successes you’ve had  in your community. Highlight outcomes and impacts based on hard numbers that you can present to stakeholders, potential donors, and partner organizations. Click here to explore how one change maker crafted a convincing Data Narrative to get a community on board with an addiction recovery center opening in their neighborhood.

Data Concierge

Our knowledgeable, friendly team is available to show you how BlastPoint’s suite of solutions can help you drive your mission forward. We’ll walk you through the platform until you’re comfortable using it solo, and we’ll send updates anytime we make improvements.

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