Boost enrollment in paperless programs so your company can save money and help the planet.

Companies are looking to trim their budgets in this uncertain economic environment. Meanwhile, customers are depending more on electronic communications to stay engaged – and becoming more concerned about climate issues. It’s the perfect time to focus on converting customers to paperless programs and meeting company sustainability goals.


BlastPoint Co-Founders Alison Alvarez, CEO, and Tomer Borenstein, CTO, discuss the advantages of boosting paperless enrollment.

Sample paperless persona. Not based on actual customer data.

Many customers are ripe for converting to paperless, and many of them don’t fit into the young, environmentalist prototype. Our research shows that young and old, high- and low-income, tech-savvy and tech-shy customers can all be good fits for paperless programs.

This is why pre-packaged customer segments aren’t the answer for identifying customers most likely to enroll. Instead, understanding your own customer data is critical. 

Sample paperless persona. Not based on actual customer data.

BlastPoint’s A.I.-driven segmentation and personas make it easy to zoom in on the households in your customer base that are most likely to enroll in paperless. Our customer intelligence brings together your internal data with external data relevant to your goals, so you can understand what motivates your customers. Which also means that you can customize messaging and identify the best channels for enrollment.

As a result, your team can craft targeted campaigns and make strategic media buys that result in big wins – such as millions in savings.

Learn how our utility partner saved $1.3 million in less than 3 months with BlastPoint personas!

With 700K customers across the Eastern U.S. and Mid-Atlantic regions, our partner* needed to reduce the amount it was spending, as well as the amount of paper it was using, on standard billing practices done through the mail. Find out how they used BlastPoint’s data-driven personas to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by finding, engaging, and successfully enrolling a wide swath of customers into electronic billing programs. Download the case study to learn more.

*Our partner must remain anonymous for regulatory purposes.

BlastPoint's Approach to Boosting Paperless Enrollment

Understand Your Customer Data

With our A.I.-powered algorithms, BlastPoint performs a detailed analysis of your customer data, augmenting it with external data that are relevant to your objectives. The result? We find meaningful customer characteristics and patterns that predict which households in your customer base are most likely to enroll in paperless billing.

Meet Your Paperless Personas

We create customer segments and personas based on your data, so you can identify who to target and how to target them for the best results. Take the guesswork out of messaging and confidently decide whether to send a text, email, letter. Make the most of your marketing budget with A.I.-assisted media buys.

Watch Paperless Enrollment and $$$ Go Up!

When you engage the right customers in the right way, you meet your enrollment goals – and cut down on paper waste, to boot. Higher paperless enrollment reduces unnecessary expenses and engages customers exactly the way they want to be engaged, leading to positive touchpoints on the customer journey. Prepare to keep these customers for life!

Now is the time to get more customers enrolled in paperless programs.


It’s more clear than ever that the future of communication is paperless. BlastPoint’s customer intelligence help companies identify and eliminate barriers to enrollment. Read more about how data-driven paperless personas work and get in touch to talk more about how your company can boost paperless enrollment and save big.

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